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Community Histories

The Minority Communities of London

The make-up of London's population changed and changed again during the course of the long eighteenth century. European Protestant refugees, blacks discharged from the armies of a growing empire, and Jews from Spain and Eastern Europe contributed to the ragout of communities that made up this world city. Information about all these communities, and several more besides, can be found in the Proceedings.

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Patterns of Migration, Employment, Housing and Communities, Legal Contexts, Search Strategies

Communities and Histories, Stereotypes and Reactions, Legal Contexts, Search Strategies

Legal Context, Prosecutions, Cultures of Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Search Strategies

Patterns of Migration, Employment, Housing and Communities, Legal Contexts and Trials, Search Strategies

Sephardim, Ashkenazi, Legal Context, Search Strategies

Huguenot London

Migration, Welcome and Assimilation, Silk Watches and Money, Legal Contexts, Search Strategies


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