Is it Worth Having a Holiday considering the Cost?

There are many people that have a holiday each year or every few years. Some people have them even more often. However, there are many people who do wonder whether having the holiday is worth the cost. Holidays do cost a lot of money and so it is worth considering whether it is worth spending this much money on a holiday when you might feel that it is just too expensive. It is well worth thinking about this decision and there are different aspects that you should consider.

Benefits of a holiday to you and the family

If you have a family, then you will be considering them as well as you when you are thinking about planning a holiday. You will need to think about whether they want or need one and why as well as whether this is the case for you. A holiday can provide an opportunity to get away form work and family life, it can therefore reduce stress for those people that find this stressful. It is also a chance to do things that you might not normally have the opportunities to do. It will also allow you to visit new places and to bond as a family. It can give the children some good memories as well.

However, there are people that find holidays more stressful. They find it difficult to manage when they are in a strange place, not knowing their way around and not having the facilities they would normally have. Children may not like being away from their computers and they may get bored, especially if the weather is not good. Families may not get on that well and they may find it hard having to be together for this time.

Alternatives to a holiday

Some people choose to not go away on holiday. They stay at home and have some relaxing time off work there instead. They might feel that they can really relax in their own home and having their hobbies close to them and being able to just enjoy their own luxuries suits them well.

Some people might decide to go on day trips locally. To visit local attractions, perhaps that they do not normally have the time to visit. They might enjoy some local walks, visiting local museums, galleries and other attractions. Even having the opportunity for a picnic in the park, a visit to the local library or a walk around the town could be something that they do not normally do.


Having day trips can cost money but often a holiday away will be more. Of course, there are different costs depending on what type of holiday you take. If you go to a local camp site and already have all of the camping equipment then this will be relatively cheap compared with a few weeks in Australia. It is wise to investigate the costs of different options as then you will be able to choose what you will be able to afford. It is good to think about whether you will be happy with something really cheap or whether you will be better off waiting to have something more expensive. This will very much depend on your expectations for a holiday and what you think will work for you.

Ways to raise the money

Once you have given some thought to what sort of holiday you want, you will have a better idea of how much money it will cost you. You will then need to think about how you are going to get the money. You need to consider whether you are going to try to save up for the holiday, borrow the money or use money that you already have. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages of each. Borrowing will cost more and you will need to make sure you can manage the repayments. If you save up you will have to wait for the holiday but it will cost you less. If you use your savings, you will need to save up again but you will need to holiday right away.

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